Supernatural Terror Flies First Class in the Thai Horror Flick Dark Flight 407

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There are ghosts on the plane, and they’re none too pleased about the four-hour layover! Below you’ll find a trailer for the upcoming Thai horror opus “Dark Flight 407″, a film that’s not unlike director Takashi Shimizu’s “7500”. Both movies explore the supernatural goings-on during a seemingly routine flight on a seemingly normal airliner, though this particular endeavor isn’t going for subtlety. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

But first, here’s this handy synopsis:

Ten years ago, a young air hostess, Neuw, miraculously survived a plane crash. Neuw insists that a vengeful spirit caused that accident, but her belief unsettled those around her and she had to go through a psycho-therapy. Now, the woman is ready to fly again. But on her first flight, New is struck by a disturbing feeling. The plane on which she’s working looks familiar, and Neuw realizes that it’s actually the same aircraft that crashed ten years ago, though it has been repaired and repainted. Gripped by terror, but there’s nothing she can do because the plane has already taken off, along with the same vengeful spirits that reside in it. Up in the air, the spirits are determined to take her life this time.

Did I mention that the film will be presented in 3D? I didn’t? Whoops. “Dark Flight 407″ opens in Thai theaters on March 22nd, 2012. The trailer, meanwhile, is ready for takeoff.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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