Sutherland, Producers on 24 Season 8 Plot Details

You can’t keep a badass counter terrorist agent down. Bio-weapon infection with no known antidote? Pfft. Whatever. Jack Bauer shakes that off like other people shake off overgrown toenails. It ain’t no thang. According to 24 producer Howard Gordon, Jack Bauer will indeed survive next week’s two-hour season finale (what, you expected him to die?) and return just in time to start shooting Season 8, which commences photography in less than two weeks. And that headbutting incident and pending criminal charges? Gordon doesn’t expect it to delay shooting of Season 8.

Sutherland also spilled some plot points from the upcoming season to SciFiWire:

“The setup for season eight is the most realistic political thing that I think we’ve ever done since we started the show. We’ve had some seriously questionable circumstances in our show, and they’ve been a lot of fun to play, but I think the setup for season eight, in certain aspects, is something I actually hope will happen. And I think a lot of people will feel that way. So the threat becomes almost deeper on that level, too. So I’m very excited about the potential of where that can go.”

Okay, not a whole lot of details there, just a lot of “talking around the facts” kind of deal. But it sure sounds like there will be more political conspiracies afoot. I could deal with less of that and more of the chasing terrorists around New York variety, but eh, what’re you gonna do.

The producer and star also told us not to expect any outtakes in the impending Season 7 DVD release, which will hit retail stores on Tuesday next week, a day after the Season 7 finale wraps on Monday. Although they do promise the usual assortment of commentaries and deleted scenes. Also, they did promise that all those outtakes they’ve been saving up over the last seven years will appear in the show’s Season 8 DVD release, including one outtake where Sutherland apparently does an entire scene with a stuffed raccoon on his head. Now that I’d like to see.

Makes you wonder why they’ve been saving up all the outtakes for Season 8, though, and if that is, indeed, Jack Bauer’s last day on the case?

Below: “Stop moving, you stupid terrorist!”