Swanky Vintage Magazine Covers for X-Men First Class


What would it look like if the X-Men had come out during the ’60s for all the world to see? Well, they might have shown up in that era’s magazine covers, for one. And of course, someone would smartly slap Emma Frost aka The White Queen on her own cover, too. Via Total Film, check out some swanky ’60s-era vintage magazine covers for Professor X, Magneto, and the White Queen.

Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” stars Michael Fassbender, January Jones, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Bacon, Jason Flemyng, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucas Till, Zoë Kravitz, Oliver Platt, Morgan Lily, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones, and is due out on newsstands — er, I mean, theaters — June 3, 2011.

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Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I like em’ all! My favorite is Xavier. I kinda wish they were all done in that style. Another score for the Fox promo team.

  • SmokinBandit

    Fox knows how to promote there product, but will it deliver that is the real question. The trailer thats playing everywhere at the moment makes me want to believe, but im very unsure at this point, and not just because of the timeline mix up and complete change of first class charectars. But because this is a total reboot and as such it can still go either way.

    • Juggernaut

      I’m very hesitant as well. As I’ve mentioned before the first class line up change and timeline issues do not make me happy. At all. That being said the trailer does look pretty cool. Another thing, this IS NOT A TOTAL REBOOT, As you stated above. It is a prequel that will more than likely spur on another series of films with the new cast and characters. Presumably it will take us up to where the 2000 X-Men film starts off.
      I would have loved a total reboot. That would have made sense and been cool. But alas that did not happen. I’m now trying to be optomistic about the cinematic future of the merry mutants. However, I still have my fears that they’ll jump the gun and start to bring in popular characters like Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Wolverine too soon for WOW factor and disrupt the already uneasy world that they have going on at Fox. I’m hoping that they do the right thing and introduce new members of the team and villains as well, yet unseen in a film for the next few and slowly move toward the time of the original film trilogy. Having story arcs like maybe the formation of the Brotherhood and having them face the X-Men for the first time. Or Apocalypse, the Mutant Massacre or even the Shadow King stuff. It is a new playing field, wide open for some really cool movies with original heroes and villains. Hopefully Fox can stay focused and try to deliver some good films from now on.

      • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

        As far as I’ concerned with Fox’s X-men movie-verse they already messed with the continuity so uch already i don’t expect them to keep their stuff straight. I’ll just wait til it hits theatres and see what happens from there.

        • Juggernaut

          It’s sad that we expect Fox to ruin these characters and stories and now must accept them. Ugh.

          • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

            Not so much that I expect them to ruin things as make changes for changes sake and not story. The reason I liked X-men: Evo and The Batman was because the changes they made facilitated new stories or at least new takes on stories. But Fox is just like “hey this character seems cool let’s throw them in.” Not a good practice

            Sent on the go.