Syfy Developing a TV Show Based on Paul Bettany’s Legion

Legion (2010) Movie PosterI’m probably one of the very few movie reviewers who didn’t mind Scott Stewart’s “Legion”. In fact, I kinda liked it, the film’s clunky screenplay notwithstanding. (I’m sorry, guys, having every single one of your characters spend 5 minutes talking about themselves does not qualify as proper character pathos.) But overall, I kinda dug the film, but that could just be seeing Paul Bettany, this classic British type actor turning into a machinegun toting, knife-slashing angel that really sold it.

When “Legion” was chugging towards its release date, there were talks of (of course) a trilogy. The film would go on to make $68 million worldwide on a $26 million budget. That’s actually more than I thought it would make. So how about those sequels? Not gonna happen. But how about a TV series instead?

Yup. Apparently enough people dug it (or at least, enough people at the Syfy Channel) that the movie is now being developed as an ongoing TV series for the cable network. Stewart, who co-wrote the original 2010 film with Peter Schink, will direct the pilot episode and continue on as executive producer on the show.

In the film, Bettany played the Archangel Michael, who goes AWOL after God, pissed off at mankind’s, well, mankind-ness, decides to wipe us out and start over. Michael, though, is determined to save us, which apparently involves keeping the unborn baby of a small-town waitress (played by Adrianne Palicki) alive. 95% of the film was set in and around a small diner in the middle of nowhere, where Michael and his human charges become besieged by angel-possessed killers bent on snuffing out the child’s life and, along with it, the human race.

No idea how they’re going to turn that into a TV series, though I suspect the whole diner angle will go out the window and they’ll slowly rebuild the “angels are coming” aspect. Either that, or they’ll continue where the movie left off, with the waitress and her boyfriend on the run from God’s killer angels. That could work, too, though it might be expensive given that the apocalypse had already transpired at the end of the film.

Lucas Black and Adrianne Palicki in Legion (2010) Movie Image

Via : Deadline