Sylvain White Talks Ronin Movie

You know, I’m still not sure about the Powers That Be handing the reins for the movie version of Frank Miller’s “Ronin” over to the guy who directed “Stomp the Yard” and the second sequel in the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” horror franchise, titled “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”, which doesn’t even make any sense at all, even from a creative wordplay point of view. But anyways, to give White his due, he was the director on those movies, and he certainly made them better, or at least more bearable, than they might otherwise have been without his skills behind the camera. White’s latest is the movie adaptation of Miller’s “Ronin”.

Miller wrote and drew the original six-issue limited series (what’s now referred to, rather lamely, as “graphic novels” by the mainstream folks) in the ’80s, just before re-inventing the comic book with “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” limited series about an aging Batman who returns to fight crime in a mutant-infested Gotham City. (He also beats the crap out of Superman, too, one of Miller’s favorite motifs in future Batman/Superman encounters.) “Ronin” was about a ronin (masterless samurai) in Feudal Japan who is reincarnated in future New York to battle a demon from his past using a magical sword.

Basically, a lot of action, a lot of sword hacking, magic, robot warfare, all that good stuff. Sylvain White has proven that he’s got style, so who knows, he could be the next Zack Snyder. One can only hope.

But anyways, back to the UGO article, which interview White. After getting the fact that White is a comic book geek out of the way, here’s some info about White’s “Ronin”:

UGO: Where are you with Ronin?

SW: I’m in it. We’re developing it now and just getting it ready. It’s taking up most of my time.

UGO: What else are you working on?

SW: As a director you develop and work on different ideas all the time. There are all kinds of stuff I’m working on. Ronin is my firm next project. There’s also another project I’m working on with Columbia called Static produced by Neil Moritz. Those are the two priority projects I’m working on right now.

(As an aside, “Static” is interesting. I’m pretty sure it was originally a comic book, part of a line produced and created by black comic book artists and writers in the early ’90s. I think “Static” was the only title that ever survived the collapse of that line. It made it into a cartoon to boot.)

But back to Ronin.

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