Sylvester Stallone Won’t Direct the Expendables Sequel

I gotta admit, as much as I liked Stallone’s “The Expendables”, the helter skelter editing really didn’t sit right with me. The film’s action sequences, especially the final blow’em up at the bad guy’s lair, was so hard to follow, after a while I just gave up trying and sat back and let the explosions wash over me. It was a fun movie, but man, it could have been so much better if you could, you know, actually follow the action.

Sylvester Stallone, the brainchild behind “The Expendables”, also directed the first movie (though I don’t know how much of a hand he had in the editing), but now it seems like he won’t be directing the sequel, though it’s expected he’ll still star. According to the LATimes’ 24 Frames blog, Stallone has decided not to direct the sequel, and is currently meeting with potential replacements.

Which is good news — it means no one at Millennium Films is pushing Stallone out, he’s voluntarily stepping back and leaving the chore of directing to someone else. I like Stallone as a director, but let’s face it, he’s getting up there in years, and action movies are notoriously demanding of its actors.

Meanwhile, 24 Frames also reports that a script for an “Expendables” sequel has already been written, and that the sequel is a high priority for Millennium Films, who were apparently very happy with the movie’s $274 million worldwide box office, including $103 million Stateside.