Taiwanese Horror Flick Killing 7 Proves Your Phone Will Be The Death Of You

Do you know what’s scary about cell phones? Nothing! However, that hasn’t stopped a number of filmmakers from turning these bothersome gadgets into plot devices for several otherwise forgettable horror flicks. Although others have failed in the past, that isn’t stopping the upcoming Taiwanese horror movie “Killing 7” from taking a stab at the subgenre. While I’m almost positive that no one will ever make an effective fright film centered around someone’s spooky smartphone, sometimes it’s fun watching people try.

As far as the actual plot is concerned, “Killing 7” isn’t aiming for originality. A group of friends find themselves trapped on a mysterious island equipped with a cabin in the woods. Before long, someone — or something — starts sending the poor kids several very unpleasant images on their phones. As you may already have guessed, “killing action” eventually ensues.

“Killing 7” hits theaters in Taiwan on January 18, 2013. You can find the trailer for flick lurking below. Please pay no attention to the typos.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second