Takashi Miike Will Direct and Tom Hardy Will Star in the Japan-Set The Outsider

Takashi MiikeI’ve been hearing about Andrew Baldwin’s script for “The Outsider” (based on a story by John Linson) for a while now, but it looks like the film is finally a Go. The Japanese-centric film has landed two crucial pieces to getting made: a director in the prolific Takashi Miike, and star Tom Hardy.

The film will star Hardy as an American soldier who becomes involved with Japan’s secretive and dangerous underworld the Yakuza after World War II. He is … the outsider! Given Japan’s notoriously xenophobic history, you can imagine just what kind of punishment this guy is in for.

Getting Tom Hardy will bring in the audience, but getting Takashi Miike to direct is quite the coup. Miike will be making his English-language debut on the film, and fans of Japan cinema knows what the guy is capable of. And that, folks, makes me intrigued and slightly scared.

Daniel Espinosa was previously attached to direct, but has moved on to “Child 44”, which will also star — yep, you guessed it — Tom Hardy.

Hardy is coming off George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” and besides the Russia-set “Child 44”, has five movies scheduled to be released in 2014, after having no movies in 2013. If you add “The Outsider”, does that make it six in 2014?

Formerly set up at Warner Bros., “The Outsider” will now be produced independently and is expected to shoot in Japan early next year.

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Via : Deadline