Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins Gets a UK Theatrical Release Date

Although Magnet Releasing acquired the US rights to Takashi Miike’s “13 Assassins” back in September of 2010, the company has yet to unleash the film onto the salivating masses who would thoroughly enjoy it. However, the lucky sons-of-guns living in the UK will be able to investigate the cult director’s potentially awesome motion picture for themselves when it lands in cinemas on May 6th. However, if you enjoy reading plot descriptions and watching trailers for films that do no have release dates in the country in which you dwell, feel free to continue perusing this article. At least we can offer you that, right?

Here’s what the film is all about:

In mid-19th Century Japan the era of the samurai is beginning to fade as the feudal nation begins to enjoy a rare period of peace. But the fragile calm is soon threatened by the bloody rise of Lord Naritsugu, the Shogun’s sadistic, psychopathic younger brother, whose position places him above the law and free to rape, mutilate and murder on a whim. Concerned that Naritsugu’s actions will eventually destroy the Shogunate, high ranking Shogun official Sir Doi covertly calls on esteemed and noble samurai warrior Shinzaemon Shimada to assassinate the evil Lord before it is too late. Shinzaemon willingly agrees and immediately gathers together an elite group of samurai to assist him in the task, knowing that what they are about to embark upon may well prove to be a suicide mission. Following weeks of training and preparation, Shinzaemon and his men head off on a perilous journey through the mountains, hoping to ambush Lord Naritsugu and his entourage. However, on finally coming face to face with their target, the 13 samurai discover Naritsugu’s men hugely outnumber them. Disregarding the odds, the fearless assassins continue with their plan and initiate a bloody showdown that they cannot allow to end until Naritsugu lies dead.

In case you missed the trailer that was making the rounds a few months ago, we’ve embedded that just below the text you’re reading right now. Convenient? You know it.

Via 24 Frames per Second