Takashi Miike’s Thriller Shield of Straw Gets a New Teaser Trailer


Straw Shield (2013) Movie PosterAck! Takashi Miike has another movie coming out! I’m so behind as it is. Although my backlog of motion pictures is growing by leaps and bounds, I’ll always make room for a new Miike picture. The director’s latest offering is the upcoming thriller “Shield of Straw” (aka “Wara No Tate”). The icing on this particular cinematic cake is Tatsuya Fujiwara, an actor I’ve really grown to appreciate over the years. The guy is pretty versatile and always seems to give it his all. Is my interest piqued? Do you really have to ask?

A lengthy synopsis? I happen to have one right here:

Ninagawa is a powerful man in Japanese politics and with top economic connections. His granddaughter is then murdered. The suspect is Kunihide Kiyomaru. Kunihide Kiyomaru has a prior conviction for assaulting and killing a girl 8 years ago. The police could never apprehend the suspect in the prior killing.

Three months after the murder of his granddaughter, Ninagawa places a whole page ad in the 3 big Japanese newspapers. The ad states “Please kill this man Kunihide Kiyomaru and I will pay you 1,000,000,000 yen as a reward.” Meanwhile, Kunihide Kiyomaru sees the ad and begins to fear for his life. Kunihide Kiyomaru then turns himself in at the Fukuoka Police Station. Five detectives from the security section (SP) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department travel to Fukuoka to escort Kunihide Kiyomaru back to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The distance between Fukuoka and Tokyo is apprixmately 1,200 km. During their fateful trip, a significant portion of the Japanese population plot to kill Kunihide Kiyomaru. Many of those people, actually pursue Kunihide Kiyomaru while he goes back to Tokyo to get the 1 billion yen reward. The lonely fight of the five detectives to protect this man begins.

I hope that synopsis was lengthy enough for you. “Shield of Straw,” which stars Takao Osawa, Nanako Matsushima, and Tatsuya Fujiwara, opens in Japanese theaters on April 26, 2013. You can find the trailer below.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    All I needed to see was Tatsuya Fujiwara and I’m sold. He is an incredible and gifted young actor.

  • Jazz Bebop Justice

    Let’s see here…..We’ve got the cool and smooth Tatsuya Fujiwara plus the talented and graceful Nanako Matsushima, all together with the prolific Takashi Miike as director. This recipe smells of grittiness and awesomeness! I’ll definitely be watching this!