Takashi Shimizu Prepares to Dazzles Your Senses with Rabbit Horror 3D

Although his “Ju-On” has gotten off track as of late, Takashi Shimizu’s actually a fantastic storyteller. The man’s greatest achievement is his 2004 effort “Marebito”, a little-known and criminally-underrated horror flick that stars cult Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto as a man who stumbles across a woman who may or may not be a vampire. As goofy as that premise may sound, it’s actually a solid feature, and worthy of investigation by anyone who is growing increasingly bored with what passes for horror these days.

However, I’m definitely a little skeptical about Shimizu’s latest project, the strangely-titled “Rabbit Horror 3D”. The film tells the peculiar tale of a girl who ventures into an extremely bizarre universe with the help of a mysterious stuffed rabbit. “Alice in Wonderland” by way of Shimizu? I’m game. However, I’m not particularly fond of the director’s current obsession with three-dimensional motion pictures, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of course, all of this may change once I get my hands on a copy of the critically-maligned “Shock Labyrinth 3D”. Even I have my limits, dear readers.

Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for providing the info.