Tanit Phoenix’s Wonder Woman TV Show Audition Tape


Heh. “Big tits save lives.” That’s funny. The rest of the dialogue? Not so much.

We all know by now that “Friday Night Lights” alum Adrianne Palicki has landed the Wonder Woman role for David E. Kelley’s reboot, but before that news broke last night, a lot of Hollywood’s starlets were looking to land the gig. One of them was Tanit Phoenix, a South African born model turned actress who can recently be seen in “Death Race 2″ and before that, “Lost Boys: The Tribe”.

While the video doesn’t mention or ever come right out and say that this is an audition tape for the “Wonder Woman” TV show, the clues are all there, including a recent script review of the pilot that had Diana worrying about toys based on her superhero character.

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    Well Dedpool there you have it! Your front runner for WW in all her “big tit” glory! Lol! I think that physically she would be perfect. The acting on the other hand was dreadful. I was cringing about 80% of that audition. That may be due to the awful script that was penned by Mr. Ally McBeal. Hahaha. Either way I have a feeling that this show is going to be horrid.

  • Vanessa

    OUCH! I can’t tell what is worse. The acting or the awful American accent. How embarrassing for her that this is posted all over the net. She might never get hired again.