Tarantino Discusses Plans for Kill Bill 3

kill-billQuentin Tarantino represents the rare double talent of niche director who also happens to have a pulse on the mainstream. His adherence to esoteric genre pictures that most of his audience has probably never heard of is impressive; to draw inspiration from them is remarkable. I’m not a big Tarantino fan, but I respect his passion.

There is a lot of that inspiration clanking around inside Kill Bill, which is an ultimate nod to many such ninja flicks of the past, but just as the saga was itself starting to be placed in reflection, it appears that the bride may not be finished just yet. badtaste.it posted a video of an appearance Tarantino made on an Italian show, Parla con Me, in which he was asked about Kill Bill (it’s amazing the kind of plans a director will talk about only when he is asked). The video is ten minute long, and it’s difficult to hear Tarantino over the translator, but around the 6:30 mark he says, “The bride will fight again,” and near the end he discusses his plan for a ten year hiatus, which would place the movie around 2013 or 2014, because it’s necessary for both the character and the actor: the character so that the bride can take a break from fighting and the actor because doing a film series is rigorous.

You can watch the interview in its entirely below.