Tarantino Discusses What’s to Come After Basterds

tarantino-basterdsQuentin Tarantino has already discussed his plans for Kill Bill 3, but 2014 is still five years away, giving him time to direct one more film in between. Variety reports that Tarantino shared some of his thoughts on a potential vehicle for a new film at the Morelia Film Festival, saying that he was wide open to his next gig. Actually, Tarantino only revealed genres, but they are both genres that could use his creative touch.

The first is a Western, which has had a paucity of entries this decade besides the notable 3:10 to Yuma, and the second is a gangster film. Recently there has been both American Gangster and Public Enemy, but nothing quite near the height of the Scorsese gangster films of the 90s. Actually, Tarantino may be thinking about an era much older than that. Try a 1920s or 1930s Pretty Boy Floyd type film.

His intent is to “re-imagine” either genre, infusing such a film with the usual Tarantino flair, but it appears that he’s only going to choose from one; I wouldn’t mind seeing either.