Tarantino: Inglorious Bastards in Cannes by 2009!

For some reason, when I think of Quentin Tarantino, I always think lengthy periods in-between new movies, which isn’t really true, because his most recent was 2007’s “Death Proof”. Maybe it’s just because Tarantino talks about a lot of movies, or is attached to a lot of them, that he never ends up making. The movie that most people (re: raving Tarantino fanboys who quotes his movies endlessly) seem to want him to tackle is the WWII movie “Inglorious Bastards”, his take on the “guys on a mission” genre that he’s talked about for years now. So is Tarantino going to finally tackle those bastards? Maybe.

Here’s what Tarantino recently said to a French reporter during his recent stay at Cannes for the festival. Via Joblo.com.

Host: What are the next films that you are going to be making? We’re hearing KILL BILL 3, KILL BILL 4, which one is it?

Tarantino: The next movie I’m doing is my World War II movie. I just finished up the first draft and if ALL GOES WELL, I will be here, in Cannes, in 2009 with INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!

“Inglorious Bastards” in 2009? That seems a tad optimistic on his part. The movie doesn’t even have a cast, and I haven’t even heard of an official announcement by any of the studios on the project. Still, if Tarantino says he’s ready to go, no doubt the Weinsteins will coming running post haste with the money.

Quentin Tarantino