Tarantino is Planning Kill Bill 3 and 4?

Well, maybe not Quentin Tarantino, but definitely the film’s producer, Bennett Walsh, who is reported as CRIENGLISH.com as saying that plans for “Kill Bill 3” and “Kill Bill 4” are under way and that plots for the two films are being “shaped” as we speak. According to Walsh, who spilled the beans at the Shanghai International Film Festival, “Kill Bill 3” would revolve around the quest for revenge by two killers whose arms and eyes were hacked by Uma Thurman in the previous two movies. Meanwhile, “Kill Bill 4” would concern “a cycle of reprisals and daughters who avenge their mother’s deaths.”

Should you believe this? Probably not. I haven’t heard a single thing about Quentin Tarantino wanting to revisit the “Kill Bill” films. Surely, he has more ideas for new movies? I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Tarantino’s originality, but I gotta assume the dude has interests in OTHER things besides re-visiting the Bride.

Then again, after the disaster of “Death Proof”…

Another possibility? Walsh is planning the same sort of “sequel” that is so popular nowadays — make a movie with the name “Kill Bill”, but have it not involve any of the original characters from the movies. That way, Tarantino’s involvement wouldn’t be necessary, and the studios could keep squeezing as much money out of the franchise as they could.