Taron Egerton Will Enlist in The Secret Service for Matthew Vaughn

Taron EgertonMatthew Vaughn and Mark Millar’s “The Secret Service” has nabbed the young buck who will become the next great spy for jolly ol England. Relative newcomer Taron Egerton is said to have landed the role, with production on the film expected soon now that Vaughn has his two leading men.

According to IMDB.com, Egerton was in something called “Inspector Lewis”, so he’s definitely an unknown. I’m actually surprised to hear that he beat out a couple of interesting names for the role, including Vaughn’s “Kick-Ass” star Aaron Johnson, “300: Rise of an Empire’s” Jack O’Connell, and “Attack the Block’s” John Boyega.

In the film, Egerton will play a street hood who is recruited by his Uncle (to be played by Colin Firth) to become a spy and fight for Queen, country, and apple pie. Wait, not apple pie. Queen, country, and fish and chips?

The search is now on for an actress to play Egerton’s love interest, with names like “Dark Shadows'” Bella Heathcote and “Harry Potter’s” Emma Watson in the running. Also, Vaughn apparently went to Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio to play the film’s villain, but they’ve both already turned him down.

Vaughn famously passed on directing “X-Men: Days of Future” past (and depending on who you believe, “Star Wars Episode 7” in order to make “The Secret Service”, so this is apparently something he really, really wanted to do. He co-wrote the script, based on the comics by Mark Millar, with his buddy Jane Goldman.

Expect the film in 2014.

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Via : Variety