Taylor Lautner’s Abduction Finds its Cast

It looks like Taylor Lautner’s action-thriller “Abduction” is going to be coming to a movie theater near you sooner than expected, and will probably be the “Twilight” actor’s first film minus the “Twilight” moniker despite the lad being signed up for a dozen other projects, including high-profile franchise makers like “Stretch Armstrong”. The latest news has “Abduction scheduled to shoot as early as July of this year. Aside from the start date, the film has also added to its cast.

New castmembers include Sigourney Weaver (left), putting her alien fighting tools away to play Lautner’s therapist, while Maria Bello (below) and Jason Isaacs will play his mother and father, respectively, though knowing Isaacs’s pedigree, he’ll probably end up being an evil dad. Also in the cast: Denzel Whitaker as the boy’s best friend, and Michael Nyqvist as the heavy.

The newbies join Lily Collins as the love interest and Alfred Molina as the CIA spook who tries to help the kid out, and realizes that not all is what it seems. You know, the usual law-enforcement officer who helps the wrongly accused hero role. Every action movie about bad spies and conspiracies and the wrongly accused hero has gotta have at least one of these.

In the action film, Lautner plays a teen who discovers that the parents who have been raising him are not, in fact, his real parents. He goes off to find the truth, and ends up being chased by good guys and bad guys. Shoulda stuck to getting ready for the prom, boyo.

“Boyz in the Hood” director John Singleton directs for Lionsgate from a script by Shawn Christensen and Jeffrey Nachmanoff.

This'll teach that brat to miss his curfew.