Team Superhero Movies Avengers and Justice League Updates

Very, very minor updates, unfortunately, but updates nonetheless. The Hollywood Reporter mentions that Zak Penn, who also wrote the upcoming “Incredible Hulk” sequel, has been assigned to pen the “Avengers” movie. Meanwhile, over at DC land, the “Justice League” movie has a finished script by Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney, and now the process of trying to decide which superhero to include begins, on both team superhero movies.

The fact is, this thing is going to take years to settle, so I’m not sure if I should even talk about them now, as it seems like a total waste of time. But hey, what do I have to do but waste time?

Here’s what I think (and I know you’re just dying to hear):

For the “Avengers” movie, include all the characters that haven’t had their own movies yet, which means the Hulk, Iron Man, and possibly the Thor are out. I know, sacrilegious, right? Here’s why: We’ve already seen them in their own movies, there just wouldn’t be the same “jazz” as seeing other members of the superhero world in live-action form. Plus, by the time the “Avengers” movie gets made, “Iron Man” will probably be on part 2, and the Hulk on part 3.

As for the “Justice League” movie, likewise. That means no Superman and no Batman. Just give me The Flash (if he hasn’t had his own movie yet), Green Lantern, and Green Arrow (unless that “Super Max” movie does get made, in which case he shouldn’t be included, too). Why? For the same reason as the “Avengers” movie. There’s just no point in seeing Superman and Batman in a team superhero movie when we’ve already seen them in their own franchise ad nauseaum. Give me something new!

But hey, maybe that’s just me.