Teaser and a Poster for the South Korean Thriller Conspirators

Sometimes the fun of Asian cinema is trying to overcome the language barrier. For instance, director Kim Hong-Sun’s upcoming South Korean thriller “Conspirators” might be about organ harvesters on a cruise ship, a theory that’s also been explored by the folks over at Twitch. The teaser seems to suggest something along those lines. However, it’s the film’s Han Cinema and Asian Wiki summaries that paint a more cryptic picture. Sometime has been lost in these translations, and I’m curious to figure out what that might be.

Here’s the Han Cinema synopsis:

A thriller about the passengers with different objectives on board a cruiser headed for China, being chased over and over again and unexpected happening of things.

Next, consider the Asian Wiki synopsis:

On a cruise to Qingdao, China passengers find themselves being pursued and others being the pursuers.

In other words, I’m not sure what this one’s about. Until we’re given a proper synopsis and/or an English-subtitled trailer, this will have to suffice. “Conspirators”, which stars Im Chang-jeong, Choi Daniel, Oh Dal-soo, Jo Yoon-hee, Jo Dal-hwan, and Jeong Ji-yoon, arrives in South Korean theaters this August. I’m definitely curious to see more.

Via : Film Smash