Teaser For Gregory Hatanaka’s Violent Blue

Gregory Hatanaka’s psychedelic martial arts thriller “Mad Cowgirl” was a perplexing motion picture, a real head-scratcher. To be perfectly honest, I’m still not entirely sure if I fully comprehend the message the filmmakers were trying to impart. And while I have this strange, unexplainable desire to give the flick another spin, I seriously doubt I could stomach another viewing anytime soon. That said, Hatanaka’s latest endeavor, the cleverly-titled “Violent Blue,” intrigues me. Judging from the teaser trailer recently unearthed by the fine fellows at Twitch, the film appears to be another entry in the “How hard is it to emulate David Lynch?” genre. Apparently, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

“Violent Blue” will unleash its surreal fury early next year.