Teaser Poster for Director Tom Komisar’s Night of the Dolls

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Night of the Dolls (2012) Movie ImageWhat happens when a group of badass punk rock chicks decide to explore an old haunted sanitarium? Lots of screaming and sneering would be my guess. Writer/director Tom Komisar’s upcoming “found footage” horror outing “Night of the Dolls” is devoted to exploring the aforementioned premise in painstaking detail, which, of course, is good news for us. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll ever be in a situation involving haunted buildings and female punk rockers, so it’s nice to know I’ll be able to live vicarious through this movie.

Specifically, here’s what the film is about:

Night of the Dolls is the story about five friends who head out on a weekend road trip from their home state of Texas to Indiana. The four girls; Kari, Lydia, Chloe and Molly play in a Band called The Lolita Dolls. Their best friend Lenny accompanies them on the trip and he also drives the Van.

The main purpose of the trip is to play a live show at the coveted HorrorFest in Indiana that Saturday night. In addition to the gig the band decides to film a video to coincide with the release of their first CD, FALLEN ANGELS.

Kari the lead vocalist, talks the band into making a stop at the infamous Brookhurst Sanitarium. She is obsessed with the murders of four young women that worked there twenty ago by a sick and twisted man that also worked there named Dr. Graves. She feels that the Sanitarium would be the perfect place to film the video for the title track song Fallen Angels, which is about women who stand up against violence and pay the ultimate price.

When trouble with the Van strands them at the Sanitarium, the Band and Lenny reluctantly stay the night. Things go from bad to worse as they realize that the events that happened twenty years ago are far from over.

In order to prepare your crotches innocent little minds for “Night of the Dolls”, a teaser poster has been released for mass consumption. You can find it embedded below. Afterwards, swing by the official Facebook page to glean even more information about the flick. If you’re curious to see the dolls themselves, check out our previous coverage of the flick over here.

Author: Todd Rigney

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