Teaser Trailer For Argentine Thriller Cold Sweat

With titles like “Watch ‘em Die”, “The Accursed”, “I’ll Never Die Alone”, and “Screams in the Night” under his belt, you probably have a pretty good idea of what kind of films Argentine director Adrian Garcia Bogliano makes. He makes violent slasher-y, horror-y movies. The teaser for his latest, “Sudor Frio” (“Cold Sweat”) certainly fits into this pattern. There is sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence, and gas masks (movies involving gas masks always win extra points).

The story revolves around a young man searching for his missing girlfriend, a search that leads him to a house occupied by a pair of cold-blooded killers and twenty-five cases of explosives dating back to Argentina’s last military dictatorship.

That sounds like a good time. Here is the teaser.