Teaser Trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s inSANE Game

Horror movie guy Guillermo Del Toro, not content to invade the world of comic books and horror novels, has decided to also invade the world of horror videogames. His latest endeavor is a game called “inSANE”. I’m guessing there’s a reason why the “in” part is all lowercase but the “sane” part is all capitals. Anyways, so what’s it all about?

Del Toro describes the games as “Lovecraftian horror adventure” with a “pulp narrative and creatures with tentacles.”

“The relationship between movies and games has been unfortunate because people in Hollywood see games as an ancillary product, but that’s the least of what they can be,” del Toro said. “We want to make a great, big, immersive, powerful and unique game.”

The game itself is still a long ways off, which probably explains why all you see in this teaser trailer is a lot of “horror” movie noises and scratchings and Del Toro’s name. I guess they call it a teaser for a reason…