Teaser Trailer For Red Dwarf X

Cast of Red Dwarf X

“Red Dwarf” is my all time favorite TV show, hands down. And that’s saying something, because I love the crap out of TV. However, the last installment of the show, the 2009 mini-series “Back to Earth” left a lot to be desired. More than anything it was just a tease. There is good news, though. The team is back for another go round, back in deep space where they belong, and they’ve brought a new trailer for the ride.

From the looks of this video, “Red Dwarf X”, the tenth season of the show, is getting back to the things that make it great. There’s Cat (Danny John-Jules) fancy dancing around; Lister (Craig Charles) being slovenly and disgusting ,and apparently losing Rimmer (Chris Barrie) in a poker game; and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) being a neurotic, sycophantic wreck as always. And of course they’re exactly where they should be—marooned in deep space, isolated from the rest of humanity, left to their own hilarious devices.

This is by far the best thing I’ve heard all day. And while “Red Dwarf X” airs this September in the UK on Dave TV, there is no word when it will air in the US.