Tension Filled Clip From The Next Three Days

Lionsgate has released a new clip from Paul Haggis’ jailbreak thriller “The Next Three Days”, starring Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, and Liam Neeson.

“The Next Three Days” tells the story of John Brennan (Crowe) and his wife, Lara (Banks), who live an idyllic life. An idyllic life that is until Lara is arrested for a brutal murder she didn’t commit. Brennan struggles to keep things together, teaching at a community college, raising their son, and trying to prove Lara’s innocence. Three years into her sentence they exhaust their final appeal. Lara becomes suicidal, and Brennan, with no other options, decides he must break her out.

The clip is a tension filled scene of Damon Pennington (Neeson) giving Brennan the specifics about how to successfully free his wife. This seems like just the kind of taut, action thriller that will help get me through the tedious Oscar-fodder that typically fills theaters around the holidays. “The Next Three Days” hits screens on November 19th.

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