Tentacle Monsters, Anyone? Supernatural: The Animation TV Series Trailer

Oh, let’s face it, who hasn’t sat there watching the WB’s “Supernatural” TV show and thought to themselves, “You know what this show needs? Tentacle monsters. Yup.” Well okay, so probably not a whole lot of “Supernatural” fans have thought that while watching the show, but they’re probably gonna get some (if not plenty) of that when “Supernatural: The Animation” TV series debuts in January of next year. Check out a quickie trailer for the upcoming anime-flavored show below.

According to HNR, the first season of “Supernatural: The Animation” will trace the same grounds covered by the first season of the live-action show, so basically a retelling of the Winchester boys’ origins, though I suspect there will be plenty of detours to tentatcle monster land. Look, I’m just saying, you give the Japanese an animated horror show, and they usually find a way to push tentacle monsters in there. It’s their thing. Anyways, the first season will consist of 22 episodes, with the first two episodes arriving in January of 2011.

Show creator Eric Kripke is working with Madhouse co-founder Masao Maruyama on the project. They are joined by screenwriter Naoya Takayama, with character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu.