Terence Hill Picks Up His Six-Shooter Once Again in Doc West

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the incredibly silly cop comedy “Super Fuzz”, a film that introduced me to the wacky world of Terence Hill. Since then, I’ve become quite enamored with his “Trinity” series, which may explain why I’ve become somewhat excited about Hill’s upcoming project “Doc West”. Although it’s being released by Lionsgate, a company that has recently dumped a large number of dodgy direct-to-video westerns into the marketplace, I’m holding out hope that this particular endeavor is a bit stronger than its like-minded contemporaries. After all, you can’t go wrong with Terence Hill. Seriously.

Here’s the plot, summarized:

After bandits steal his poker winnings this American legend makes his way to the next town in search of them. Seeking out his revenge during a poker game gone bad Doc West finds himself in the local town jail. When his past is exposed and a battle amongst the town breaks out in gunfire he will have to choose sides, between the outlaws or the law-abiding citizens.

“Doc West” will arrive on North American retail shelves on September 7th. It’s worth noting, however, that we will not receive the 180 minute version that aired in Italy. Instead, we’ll get the edited 97-minute edition, which is fine by me.