Teresa Palmer Confirms Fury Road Exit, I am Number Four Details

Teresa Palmer in The Sorcerer's ApprenticeWhere Comingsoon failed to properly follow up on their “Teresa Palmer in Fury Road” question, the boys at Movieweb did. So in effect: Yes, Teresa Palmer is out of George Miller’s “Mad Max” sequel “Fury Road”, and she blames it on that ol scheduling conflict gremlin. Meanwhile, Palmer also offers up some interesting plot details for her upcoming sci-fi action movie “I am Number Four”, the Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg-produced movie set to be directed by “Eagle Eye’s” D.J. Caruso.

…it’s based on a book about nine alien teen-agers who have been sent to Earth after our planet Lorien has been destroyed. We’re hiding out on different parts of Earth and enemy aliens are hunting us. Basically we’re numbers one through nine, I play number six and we can only be killed in our number order. Two and three have already been killed and the movie is called I Am Number Four because it is basically about the hunt to find number four who’s played by Alex Pettyfer (Beastly). I get to play a real bad ass. I’m like a martial artist, I ride on a Ducati motorbike and I get to kick some alien butt. It was so fun.

A hot blonde chick in a Ducati? Someone must be reading my fantasy journals again…

“I am Number Four”, co-starring Alex Pettyfer as Number Four, and “Justified’s” Timothy Olyphant, comes out Summer 2011.