Teresa Palmer is Mad Max’s Main Chick? Yes, Says Actor Who Probably Shouldn’t be Talking.

That’s according to actor Jay Baruchel, who can be seen co-starring with Aussie actress Teresa Palmer in the Nicolas Cage movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” later this year. Baruchel was giddy with excitement for his co-star, telling reporters that she’s about to spend a year in the Aussie desert shooting George Miller’s latest “Mad Max” movie, “Fury Road”, playing “the main chick’ of the film. This would seem to contradict previous reports that had Charlize Theron being “the main chick”. Either Baruchel got it wrong, or Charlize Theron has decided she doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to a still-relatively unknown actress in a big Hollywood movie. And if you believe that, I got swampland in Florida to sell ya.

This story surfaced on Saturday, and no one has confirmed or deny it yet, which means it could be true, or not. Palmer and Baruchel, coincidentally, were also supposed to co-star in George Miller’s since-aborted “Justice League of America” movie.

That's right, Charlize. First it's your movie role, then it's your boyfriend. Muahahahahahha.