Terminator 3000 Animated Film Set to Terminate in 2011

Not a big fan of the McG movie “Terminator Salvation”? Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one. The folks over at Hannover House weren’t big fans of the last “Terminator” movie, either, because they’ve announced that they have teamed up with Vancouver-based Red Bear Entertainment to develop a $70 million dollar “Terminator 3000” animated feature-length film.

Although no specific story details have been revealed, and if I’m reading this right, the animated movie, titled “Terminator 3000”, would be a continuation of the first “Terminator” film, and not any of the subsequent sequels. Which, if true, would allow the film to basically jettison everything that’s come after the 1984 James Cameron original and start all over again.

So what, no robot heart for John Connor?

Of course, that’s the idea. The “Terminator” franchise has been in legal flux for a while now, but Hannover is hoping to get things all sorted out for a January 2011 start date. The movie, if it actually happens, would be PG-13 for “minimized” violence, though I’m sure you can do plenty with a PG-13 rating when it comes to animation.


Somewhat expected, Pacificor, the company that currently owns the “Terminator” rights, doesn’t take too kindly to a third wheel trying to continue their franchise. They’ve sent a cease and decease letter to Hannover, and reiterates their intentions on making at least two more “Terminator” sequels in the aftermath of “Salvation”.