Terminator 4 Plot Synopsis

With the casting of Christian Bale as John Connor, I think pretty much everyone has been wondering about the storyline of the upcoming T4 and the proposed trilogy as a whole. Would Connor be the central character? What about rumors of a new set of characters? A new terminator? Ah-nuld? Well today Bloody-Disgusting says they were given the official synopsis for the film, and it goes something like this…


The film is about John Connor (Christian Bale), now in his 30’s and soon to be wife Kate Brewster realize they must create a resistance organization with Earth’s remaining survivors against the army of robots slowly being built up by Skynet. As they are building this resistance, one survivor happens to be a traitor in disguise, and has a secret that nobody would ever come to suspect.

So they’re following up on the plot of T3, which is great. Pretty much everyone hated T3 except me. I thought it was kind of cool, a return to practical effects filmmaking with giant sets instead of CGI’ing everything in sight. But hey, that’s just me, the guy who fell asleep during “The World is Not Enough” because it was so boring.

Obviously they’ll need to get someone new to play Kate Brewster, since Claire Danes has said repeatedly she ain’t coming back. But hey, maybe she’ll change her mind with the casting of Christian Bale, and might want to work with him. I always thought bringing an indie actress like Claire Danes into the franchise was a great move.

Terminator 4 Official Plot Description