Terminator 4 Update: McG to Direct? Plot Details

Here are a couple of “Terminator 4” news for those of you who still would like to see a sequel to “Rise of the Machines”. I happen to be one of them, but I know a lot of you out there didn’t care for it one bit, which is too bad for you, because I happen to think part three was pretty bloody awesome. In any case, the first bit of T4 news has to do with “Charlie’s Angels” director McG being in talks to the direct the film for The Halcyon Company (doesn’t that name just sounds like something only a Terminator movie would come up with?), while the second one concerns plot details about the upcoming film that has been revealed online.

CHUD has the news about the possible involvement of McG (geez, what a stupid name for a grown man):

The latest comes from Duckie, who has been hearing buzzing about a name that is sort of attached to direct Terminator 4: McG.

This doesn’t mean McG IS directing Terminator 4, but that he’s in talks about it. The film is being set up as a pre-striker; the script just got turned in last week and the good people at The Halcyon Company would like to get this sucker into pre-production stat. Some talk had the movie shooting in the summer of 2008, but that’s right when the strike would start, so expect this bitch to be going before the cameras in the first months of the new year.

The other news concerns the T4 plot, or more specifically, who the story will follow. This one comes courtesy of IGN:

[T4] will follow the events of T3 and be post-apocalyptic. It’s not known whether Nick Stahl and Claire Danes will return, but John Connor and Kate Brewster are in the script. Middleton said the participation of Stahl and Danes would depend on many factors, including the thoughts of the eventual director and others involved. Also, while John and Kate are part of the story, the movie will feature a new hero as the main character. Middleton likened it to how “Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor.”

The plan is for this to be the first of three new movies, all of them set in this post-apocalyptic future and showing the war with the machines.

So there you go, your latest T4 update.

Maybe they’ll get Kristanna Loken to reprise her T3 role…