Terminator 4 Update: Someone’s Getting Sued

About three months back, news surfaced that the Terminator franchise had been sold and the new owners were gearing up for a trilogy, with “T3” star Nick Stahl contractually obligated to return. (Or something to that affect. Read more about it here.) I don’t think Terminator 4 has gone into production yet, but there is already a lawsuit underway, and Deadline Hollywood Daily has your 411. Apparently the dillio has to do with Halcyon, the new owners of the franchise, not liking what MGM, the franchise’s original distributors, are going around saying about having rights to the movie.

Or something to that affect. Here, I’ll let DHD fill you in, cause frankly I’m stumped:

Among other things, T Asset in the lawsuit is claiming that MGM has been telling the media “falsely” that it will distribute T4 as a tentpole central to plans to reinvent itself as a major studio. T Asset also accuses MGM of including the projected economic success of T4 in pro forma economic projections that MGM is using in its current efforts to raise substantial amounts of equity and/or debt financing for the company. Oops! arniepsjq4.jpgT asset is seeking a judicial declaration that either MGM holds no contractual rights of first negotiation with respect to T4 or any future sequel in the Terminator franchise, or else T Asset has fully and completely satisfied any enforceable contractual rights of first negotiation that MGM might hold.

So what’s the juiciest nugget from this rather dry lawsuit? That on June 14, MGM offered to commit almost $200 million for T4’s production and P&A expenses.

So there you go. Get all that? No? Good, join the club.

Basically, I hope this thing doesn’t delay the production on T4. I’m dying to see it before I grow old and die.

And finally, DHD mentions that they are sure the Governator won’t return as the Terminator for T4, which jives with what I’ve heard. Word is Arnold might make a cameo, but only in CGI form.

Terminator 4 Update