The Terminator Will be Back (Again) in 2015 … with an All-New Rebooted Trilogy


Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation (2009) Movie ImageIf I close my eyes and pretend that McG’s 2009 “Terminator Salvation” is a movie that isn’t connected to the Terminator mythology, but is just a sci-fi flick about robots fighting humans, it’s a pretty good movie. As a Terminator movie, though, it kinda sucked, and torpedoed the legend of John Connor, which is just unforgivable, especially with Christian Friggin’ Bale in the role.

How do you screw that up? Well, McG and company found a way.

Four years after that debacle, we’re finally getting solid word from Paramount and their partners at Skydance and Annapurna Pictures that a new “Terminator” movie is coming, with a solid release date for the new installment set for June 26, 2015, which means it will be going into production by 2014.

Instead of “Terminator 5″, which would built on the previous 4 movies, the new film will instead be a reboot of the franchise, with the 2015 installment acting as “the first in a stand-alone trilogy”.

The press release doesn’t mention if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, but the former Governator has certainly been talking up his involvement in the new film, even letting fans know that it will be shooting by early 2014, which jives with what we’re now being told.

Still, if you’re going to reboot the franchise, why would you cling to Arnold Schwarzenegger? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, especially if Arnold’s role is in any major way? (I could understand a cameo, but Arnold doesn’t seem to think that his role is a throwaway cameo ala “Salvation”.)

There is no word on the film’s plot, though Laeta Kalorgridis and Patrick Lussier are still attached to write the screenplay. “Fast and Furious'” Justin Lin was also set to direct, but he’s since bailed on the film. Which leads me to this: now that Lin is no longer doing a “Fast and Furious” movie (he purposefully dropped out of directing “Fast and Furious 7″ to do something else), maybe he’s set for a return? I could see it happening. Mind you, not that I’m saying that would be the best thing for the sequel, I’m just saying, it’s a possibility.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

Author: Nix

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    I want them to explain the John Conner conundrum… it’s open to an EXCELLENT twist if they do it the way I’ve figured….. Kyle Reese kept the ‘true’ John Conner from ever being born….it’s also the only way to make the time travel work in these movies also, at this point.

    • Nix

      Ugh. Don’t remind me of that ending. FUBAR.

      • LL COOL NATE

        I’m just saying… there’s been an elephant in the room since ‘Terminator’ one and it’s been the much discussed time travel paradox that is Kyle Reese being John’s father . They could’ve explained it already. Perhaps they could finally putt a nail in the coffin of this franchise by sending someone to stop Kyle Reese from f*cking Sarah Conner thus allowing the ‘true’ John Conner to be conceived by his originally intended father. Someone had to have thought of this already! It’s NOT only logical, but a great twist to people who won’t see it coming.

        • Nix

          Doesn’t matter anymore, I guess, since they’re rebooting the franchise.

          • LL COOL NATE

            Actually…. I bet it IS relevant since they’re rebooting everything. Remember ‘reboot’ doesn’t mean ‘remake’. Stopping Kyle Reese could be the beginning of the reboot….. *Cough* Star Trek *cough* …. sorry, I’ve been under the weather.

  • Juggernaut

    While I’ll admit that trying to figure out what has happened and will happen as a result of the time traveling/ alternate and possible realities in these movies hurts my brain I’d much rather they continued the story line from the other films with Arnold as the prototype for the original Terminator model (with a CGI version like the one in ‘Salvation’ as the newly turned evil again terminator), Linda Hamilton back as an aged even further Sarah Connor and someone else a bit older (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in the role of John (by now he is interchangeable like the kids in the ‘Vacation’ movies). No need to reboot.

    • Dedpool

      Well with Salvation everything changed. Actually with each film the future changed a little bit. So going forward to a more proactive, guerilla type warfare against Skynet and the machines would work great, with Arnie being the inspiration for the prototype, and being a grizzled soldier to begin with, it’d be great if he makes Connor the legendary hero we’ve heard about.