Terminator: Genesis May Have Found its John Connor in Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke in The Chicago Code

He hunted down Osama Bin Laden, so I guess saving the world from killer cyborgs shouldn’t be too hard.

Jason Clarke, one of the stars of “Zero Dark Thirty”, is said to be “in talks” to play John Connor in Skydance and Annapurna’s “Terminator: Genesis”, the reboot of the franchise that will also feature a parallel TV series.

“Thor: The Dark World’s” Alan Taylor is scheduled to direct the remake, currently set for sometime in 2015. If Clarke does sign on to play resistance leader John Connor, he’ll be joined by either “Game of Thrones'” Emilia Clarke (no relation to Jason Clarke) or “21 Jump Street’s” Brie Larsen, the two women said to be battling it out for the role of Sarah Connor, John’s mom.

No word on the plot, but time travel shenanigans, of course, will be involved. Also involved will be franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger in some capacity.

Given that John Connor and Sarah Connor are being cast, it’s safe to say the movie, like previous installments, will likely be set in the past/present and feature flashbacks to the future. After all, John Connor will be in his ’40s (if Clarke lands the gig), while Clarke and Larsen are in their ’20s.

By the way, wouldn’t the fact that Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke have the same last name and end up playing mother and son in the movie somewhat ironic?

“Terminator: Genesis” will arrive July 1, 2015.

Via : Deadline