Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri Join Breacher (formerly Ten)

Terrence Howard in Red Tails (2012) Movie ImageTerrence Howard, the man who was supposed to be War Machine before he got booted, has joined the cast of “Breacher” along with Dawn Olivieri, previously seen in the last season of “Heroes”. The duo join Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action movie from “Training Day’s” David Ayer, who is directing from a script by Skip Woods (“Swordfish”).

Sam Worthington was also previously offered a gig in the film, and from the sounds of it, he’s now confirmed. The movie was formerly called “Ten”, with its premise said to be heavily influenced by Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” story.

“Breacher” would find Schwarzenegger and Worthington playing members of an elite DEA unit who steal from the cartel. They think they’ve gotten away with it, only to find themselves targeted by mysterious killers, with their members getting bumped off one-by-one.

Howard and Olivieri will play “members of the DEA team who are engaged in an affair, and who conspire to steal the already stolen goods.”

Ayer, who scripted “Training Day” and has “End of Watch” coming up, is calling the shots.

Useless Trivia GifDawn Olivieri (below) is currently recurring on the Showtime TV series “House of Lies”, which stars Don Cheadle, the man who replaced Olivieri’s “Breacher” co-star Terrence Howard in the “Iron Man” series.

Dawn Olivieri in HOUSE OF LIES

Via : THR