Thai Action Movie Fighting Fish Cracks Heads In and Out of Water

Fighting Fish (2012) Movie PosterNot your ordinary fish, fighting or otherwise, in case you were wondering. Check out a trailer for the Thai action movie “Fighting Fish”, starring a couple of former stuntmen who knows how to put those flying knees and feet to very good use — for our sick entertainment, of course. The plot is pretty generic stuff for these type of Tournament Fighting movies — guys get involve in an illegal underground fighting tournament, thus ensuring lots and lots of fighting for your buck. Except here, if you lose a fight, you die.


Synopsis: Mike, a former France Boxer, moved to Thailand to start his new life. Sadly, he was robbed and had nothing left, then he met Yo, a skillful Thai boxer and his beautiful wife Katoon who crippled from car accident. Mike and Yo entered to underground fight club called “Fighting Fish” where death is unavoidable for loser of the fight.

The film stars Jakkris Kanokpojnanon and Jawed El Berni as the battling battlers, with Suchao Pongvilai and “Raging Phoenix’s” Kazu Patrick Tang as the bad guys. And get this — the film features the directorial debut of one Julaluck Isamalone, a former pin-up model. Now that’s a new one.

Thailand gets it this Friday. You Stateside fans of brutal action will just have to wait for the import DVD.

Via : Wise Kwai