The Crow Reboot is Apparently Alexander Skarsgard’s If He Wants It

Alexander Skarsgard in TRUE BLOOD

The Avenger’s bestest pal Tom Hiddleston may have really wanted to get his mitts on Eric Draven in the reboot of “The Crow”, but from the sounds of it, the guys running the show aren’t buying. In fact, according to reports, it’s “True Blood” and “Battleship” star Alexander Skarsgard who has the gig — if he wants it.

The latest news on “The Crow” front comes from Deadline, who pooh-poohs that previous report that had Hiddleston this close to landing the lead, and was in fact “in talks” for the role:

A simple conversation has been overhyped and reported like it was going to happen. The guy to keep an eye on here is True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, who is getting numerous offers since his plans to star for David Yates in Tarzan died on the vine when Warner Bros halted the project over budget. No formal offer yet, but it sounds to me like it’s Skarsgard’s role if he wants it in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed film series relaunch.

No doubt about it — Skarsgard would cut quite the figure as the resurrected Crow, and he definitely looks like the type who could play a badass superhero not shy about getting a little blood on his fingers (and er, the rest of him, judging by his “True Blood” role).

Who gets the gig at the end of the day? Well, that depends on who you ask. Or we could just wait until the producers announce the official casting. Naaaaaaah. Let’s speculate!

The Crow Comic Book by James O'Barr