The Fantastic Four Reboot is Casting and This Girl May End Up Playing Sue Storm


Allison Williams

That would be one of the girls of “Girls”, Allison Williams (aka the pretty one on the HBO show), who also happens to be the daughter of newsman and occasional sitcom cameo enthusiast Brian Williams.

Word has Williams set to make her feature film debut on a couple of films. Something called “Rosaline” (which we’re probably never going to bother covering) but more importantly to the geek community, Fox’s upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot, which is apparently casting because Williams is said to be on the “short list” for.

That role will no doubt be Susan Storm aka The Invisible Girl, a role previously played by Jessica Alba in the two “Fantastic Four” films. The third will be a reboot directed by “Chronicle’s” Josh Trank, and although plot details are unknown, the film is said to be more “grounded” than previous installments.

In a movie about a guy who can stretch his body and one that can turn into a fireball, it’s anybody’s guess what “grounded” actually means.

Via : Deadline

Author: Nix

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  • clarkspark

    She def ‘the pretty one’. Didn’t know they were making more of F4.

  • mulangot

    It’s Invisible girl… not invincible. Argh.

  • brando braganza

    It’s Invisible Woman

  • Dedpool

    Well alrighty then let the casting begin!

  • Juggernaut

    For the life of me I cannot understand why A. wouldn’t secure a higher calibre of actors for this project, B. won’t cast a little older and C. don’t consider an actual blonde for the role!!! I understand that they could dye her hair or use a wig, because that looked so good in the first two FF movies! Ugh. I could think of a slew of other, better suited actresses for this role.
    My short list would be
    Charlize Theron (37)
    Naomi Watts (44)
    Diane Kruger (36)

    • Dedpool

      Too much money for Theron and Watts is too old. Kruger could work but I dunno, can she lose her accent? Marvel and all companies want franchises so they want to cast younger so they can get a few films out of them. I still have Amanda Seyfried as my choice. Emily Blunt could work. Also Olivia Wilde.

      • Online72

        44 by itself is NOT too old. Shoot….50 is not looking as old as it used to look. Must be my eyes….

        • Dedpool

          Wasn’t talking about how good she looks at the age. Shoot Theron is FINE!!

  • venom_aa

    cant wait for the reboot…
    SO it freaking flops and returns to Marvel.