That Gritty, Badass Version of Daredevil by Joe Carnahan? Probably Not Gonna Happen…

Joe CarnahanThe saga of Matt Murdock, aka The Man Without Fear, aka Daredevil, has been a long and storied one, and although I didn’t mind Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 adaptation of the character in his first big-screen solo adventure (in fact, I kinda liked it), most people didn’t seem to cotton to it much. And so, Fox has been attempting to either make a sequel or reboot the character since, with the character’s rights set to revert back to Marvel Studios (and parent company Disney) if Fox doesn’t get a “Daredevil” movie cranking by October 10th of this year.

It appears Fox is losing interest in Hell’s Kitchen’s protector, with its latest (semi) attached director, “The A-Team’s” Joe Carnahan making noise via Twitter that he might be off the project. Carnahan recently tweeted this, leading to speculation that Daredevil’s time at Fox may have come to an end:

He later added:

Referring, no doubt, to the October 10th deadline.

With only two months to go before Fox has to hire a director, attach an actor, and build a whole cast (not to mention production set designs and all that other good stuff), it seems highly unlikely that they can get “Daredevil” into production by October 10th.

And so … welcome back to Marvel, DD!

Here’s my idea: a “Daredevil” TV show. What do you think?

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