The 2012 Chinese Visual Festival Trailer

2012 Chinese Visual Festival

London won’t be just hosting the Olympic Games this year, it’ll also be home to the 2012 version of the Chinese Visual Festival. As the second annual Chinese-theme film fest gears up for its run starting June 22nd and running through July 6th in London, the fest has released a new trailer.

This summer the eyes of the world will be on the London Olympics. 2012 is also the Year of the Dragon and the 2nd Chinese Visual Festival.

This festival of film, art and music will hold its Opening Gala on June 22nd, the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, at the Free Word Centre in central London and will feature the UK premiere of the film Dragon Boat.

The 2nd Chinese Visual Festival runs from 22nd June to 6th July 2012 across four central London venues with the theme ‘Run, China, Run’, tying in with the 2012 London Olympics. Hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympics has affected Chinese society profoundly, far more than envisaged. This year’s festival looks at the ‘aftershock’ of the 2008 Beijing Olympics through a variety of Chinese films and art. China is now racing forward as if modernisation and development are Olympic sports, and in the pursuit of speed and applause ‘Run China Run’ examines what we have gained and what we have lost.

If you’re looking to get your Chinese cinema addiction sated this year and you happen to be in London soon, check the fest’s official site for complete film listings, showtimes, and locations.

2012 Chinese Visual Festival from Jingjing Xie on Vimeo.