The 33D Invader (2011) Movie Review

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With “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” having won over audiences at home and abroad, the revival of that most noble and worthy of genres, the Hong Kong category III sex film, continues with “The 33D Invader”. Another alluring epic overflowing with nudity and less than coy performances from its eye candy cast, the film was directed by Cash Chin, a long standing and highly respected veteran of the form who has a sterling track record that includes the likes of “Sex and Zen 2” and “Naked Poison”, as well as recent classic “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks”. The film continues the recent trend of casting top Japanese AV talent, this time Kato Taka and Yoshizawa Akiho, who are joined by a Mainland model Macy Wu in the titular lead role, along with Hong Kong bikini model Monna Lam, Taiwan’s Hsueh Ya Wen and a variety of other clothes-shy starlets.

Apparently an updated version of the popular 1990s category III series “The Fruit is Ripe”, the film follows Macy Wu as Future, a young woman who travels back in time from the year 2046, when the earth’s population has been rendered mostly sterile by the evil Xucker aliens. Arriving (naked, of course) in present day Hong Kong, her mission is to mate with a healthy male, her chances of success seeming pretty reasonable when she comes across Lawrence (Chen Jyun Yan) and his gang of horny friends (Tsui Ho-Cheung, Andrew Kwok and Justin Cheung). Although Lawrence has his eyes on gorgeous fellow student Jeana (Yoshizawa Akiho), he agrees to help Future, trying to find her a suitable sperm donor while avoiding a pair of alien assassins who have the rather unpleasant plan of raping her to prevent her from getting pregnant.

The 33D Invader (2011) Movie Image

“The 33D Invader” really is a throwback to the good old days of category III cinema, a fact which probably marks it either as must-see or must-avoid depending on the viewer’s sensibilities and taste for unashamedly raunchy trash. Despite its vaguely “Terminator” style setup the film is essentially plotless, the alien killers showing up at the beginning to rip off a few penises, only to completely disappear again until their last act rape bid. For the most part Cash Chin is instead more than happy to focus on the romance/sex between Lawrence and Jeana, and on the efforts of his dorky friends (one fat, one amazingly geeky and the other weirdly nondescript) to spy on and get their grubby hands on her amazingly attractive roommates.

Unsurprisingly, the film plays out like sweaty male wish fulfilment, and rather implausibly the goons manage to do just that, after a series of wacky set pieces involving peeping by remote controlled helicopter and dressing up as “Avatar” characters and ghosts. This does make for a lot of lowest common denominator, if occasionally creative laughs, and the film mostly seems to be aiming for good natured fun. This all works pretty well, and the film is unpretentious and bawdily enjoyable, with Cash Chin never pretending to deliver anything of intelligence or substance.

The 33D Invader (2011) Movie Image

And so to the sex, on which level the film definitely scores full marks, packing in a very impressive amount of nudity and a great many gratuitous couplings of various kinds that push the limits of softcore. Needless to say, almost all of the female stars shed their clothes with enthusiastic frequency, the film winning extra points for the fact that all of them are uniformly gorgeous, with most of the males showing a similar amount of skin. Too wacky and bizarre to be erotic, as with many category III outings, the film seems to deliberately avoid actual titillation, a lot of its sexy scenes seemingly being played for laughs, not that this is a bad thing. As per the potentially distasteful alien plan, there are several rape scenes, though thankfully these are never particularly believable, and like the sex in general are silly as opposed to nasty. Indeed, despite flirting with bad taste throughout, the film on the whole is hard to take seriously and avoids the misogynistic edge which has made other genre films somewhat less palatable.

This is very much to the film’s benefit, and whilst probably still too smutty and exploitative to appeal beyond the genre, “The 33D Invader” makes for highly entertaining viewing. Certainly, for category III aficionados and fans of far out trash in general there’s really nothing here not to love, Cash Chin doing an admirable job of serving up a cavalcade of naked beautiful women, daft comedy and near surreal oddness, all in the finest old school style.

Man Kei Chin (director) / Sean Chan (screenplay)
CAST: Wu Qing-Qing
Akiho Yoshizawa
Taka Katô
Jun-Yan Chen

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