The 4th Dimension (2006) Movie/DVD Review

I can’t really decide what I think about The 4th Dimension…maybe I was too tired when I loaded the disc into my DVD player…or perhaps my mind wasn’t in the right place when I watched it…which would be kind of ironic considering the main character of The 4th Dimension may not actually be in his right mind, either…at least, I think that’s what it was about…

The story (and I use that term knowing full well that it is a bit on the “loose” side) centers upon Jack Emitni (spell it backwards), an obsessive compulsive lad who lives alone, drinks a lot of tea, and works as a repairman in an antique shop. Oh, our hero (?) is also something of a mathematical genius and tends to slip through time and finds himself living as his younger self…well, either that or Jack has even more flashbacks as your average crazy ‘Nam vet.

One day, a mysterious woman brings Jack an antique clock. Later, she asks him to bring it back. Then, for some reason, Jack later senses that the clock contains a journal containing Einstein’s unfinished Unified Field Theory…so he breaks in to the house with the clock and steals it (the clock, not the house). Then he finishes Einstein’s theory. Believe it or not, these are some of the more lucid moments depicted in The 4th Dimension.

I can’t really tell you if it’s good or bad, folks (because I simply can not make up my mind on this matter) but I can tell you that I found some of the shots to be set-up very well, I didn’t find the acting to be all that atrocious (which is a welcomed relief being a student film and all), and the B&W photography was nice.

Naturally, there were a number of things in the movie that annoyed me like the repetitiveness of the soundtrack (which was probably intentional), the fact that whole course of the film changes entirely from psychological drama to documentary (at the end), and the length: normally, anything under an hour-and-a-half isn’t that long…but in this case those 82 minutes only seemed like hours (I was dead tired by the time the film came to a conclusion).

Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni (director) / Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni (screenplay)
CAST: Louis Morabito … Jack Emitni
Miles Williams … Young Jack
Karen Peakes … Amanda Emitni
Kate LaRoss … Michelle
Suzanne Inman … Emma

Picture-wise, The 4th Dimension doesn’t look bad. It’s a bit grainy at times, but considering it was blown up from Super 16mm I imagine that it’s about as good as it can get. My only complaint is that the folks at TLA Releasing didn’t make the 1.85:1 presentation anamorphic or include any subtitles.

Not one but two Audio Commentaries grace The 4th Dimension: the first from writer/director Dave Mazzoni, writer/director Tom Mattera and star Louis Morabito, the second with Mazzoni, Mattera and director of photography Daniel Watchulonis. Next up is The Making Of The 4th Dimension (17:10) followed by five Deleted Scenes (9:28) and rounding the whole Special Features section is the Original Trailer (1:37).

The Bottom Line:
Is it good? Is it bad? Sorry kids, but your Uncle Luigi is feeling a bit ambivalent over this one…so I’m going to have to suggest to you check it our and decide for yourself.

Feature – 2.5
Video – 3.0
Audio – 3.0
Extras – 3.5
Overall – 3.0

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