The Actors Who Would be Spidey: And the Candidates Are…

Two of the 5 final candidates for nerdy high school student Peter Parker are in their ’20s, and one of them is 27. Granted, Tobey Maguire wasn’t exactly a pup when he got the original gig, but I thought the idea behind Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man” reboot was to go back to high school with a more genuine nerdy Peter Parker. How are you going to pull that off with a 27-year old? But hey, that’s just one candidate. For my money, purely on a background and “look” point of view and nothing else, the favorite is the 18-year old kid.

According to THR, here are the five actors currently in the running to land the huge, career-making gig. They look to be all pros, and a couple of them have been in some big movies, but for the most part they’re still unknown to mainstream audiences, which seems to be what Columbia is looking for.

The candidates:

Jamie Bell, 24, (picture below, bottom left) is most famous to American audiences for “Jumpers”.

Alden Ehrenreich, 20, (pictured below, top right) who I have never heard of.

Frank Dillane, 19, (pictured below, bottom right) he had a bit part in the most recent “Harry Potter” movie.

Andrew Garfield, 27, (pictured below, top left) another actor I’ve never heard of.

And finally, Josh Hutcherson, 18, (pictured below, center) who has been in a ton of big-budget Hollywood movies already, including “Zathura”, “Bridge to Terabithia”, and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. If the studio wanted a pro who was also age-appropriate, it’s a no-brainer — go with Hutcherson. Plus, he’s American, so you know, there’s that. Rah rah and all that jazz.

Whoever gets the gig, they’ll be slinging it by the end of the year, when Columbia wants this baby on track. Alvin Sargent is currently rewriting the script, with Webb set to direct.