The Alamo Drafthouse Tackles the Work of Director Guillermo del Toro

Unless you’ve been living under that enormous rock located towards the left-hand side of my spacious backyard, chances are you’ve seen some of the artwork the Alamo Drafthouse has unleashed upon cinema-hungry fanatics over the past few years. Their collectible art boutique Mondo recently announced a “Director’s Series” of highly stylized posters, beginning with the work of renowned filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Entertainment Weekly was given a sneak peak of the upcoming artwork, which has been carefully embedded below. (Hi-res versions of the posters added below. – Nix) “Blade 2” goes on sale December 2nd, with “Cronos”, “The Devil’s Backbone”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, and the two “Hellboy” movies following shortly thereafter.

No word yet on which directors will follow, but you can expect yours truly to jump all over that news as soon as it becomes available. Much love to my friend Nick for cluing me into this insanely promising project.

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