The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Adds a Second Villain — Paul Giamatti as The Rhino

Paul GiamattiWell, it is part 2, so I guess Marc Webb and company felt like they have to go a little bigger. Which, in today’s Hollywood, translates to a second villain for Spider-Man to battle in the sequel.

Enter: The Rhino, to be played by Paul Giamatti.

Amusingly enough, Giamatti is a long-time fan of the Rhino, and has been talking up the villain since 2011. He even went on Conan O’Brien’s talk show once to gush about the character, having been a big fan of the supervillain since he was a kid. It looks like this is a dream come true for Giamatti, then, as he’s currently in negotiations to slip on the rhino skin for the sequel.

Originally introduced in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #41, the Rhino hails from the Eastern Bloc and wears a superhuman suit that makes him invulnerable and also gives him super-strength and super-speed. Never the smartest of Spidey’s Rogues Gallery, it will be a blast to see what Giamatti does with him. (You can check out the first Spider-Man cover with his introduction below.)

Giamatti will join Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively. The sequel will introduce a new villain in Jamie Foxx, who will be playing the supervillain Electro, while fellow newcomers Shailene Woodley will play Mary Jane Watson and “Chronicle’s” Dane DeHaan re-introducing the Harry Osborne part.

Felicity Jones is also in talks to join the sequel, but there is no word what character she’ll play. Since Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy have already been filled, whoever she ends up playing probably won’t be all that big of a role in the larger scheme of things.

Spiderman Comic Book Cover with The Rhino

Via : THR