The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Adds a Second Villain — Paul Giamatti as The Rhino


Paul GiamattiWell, it is part 2, so I guess Marc Webb and company felt like they have to go a little bigger. Which, in today’s Hollywood, translates to a second villain for Spider-Man to battle in the sequel.

Enter: The Rhino, to be played by Paul Giamatti.

Amusingly enough, Giamatti is a long-time fan of the Rhino, and has been talking up the villain since 2011. He even went on Conan O’Brien’s talk show once to gush about the character, having been a big fan of the supervillain since he was a kid. It looks like this is a dream come true for Giamatti, then, as he’s currently in negotiations to slip on the rhino skin for the sequel.

Originally introduced in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #41, the Rhino hails from the Eastern Bloc and wears a superhuman suit that makes him invulnerable and also gives him super-strength and super-speed. Never the smartest of Spidey’s Rogues Gallery, it will be a blast to see what Giamatti does with him. (You can check out the first Spider-Man cover with his introduction below.)

Giamatti will join Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively. The sequel will introduce a new villain in Jamie Foxx, who will be playing the supervillain Electro, while fellow newcomers Shailene Woodley will play Mary Jane Watson and “Chronicle’s” Dane DeHaan re-introducing the Harry Osborne part.

Felicity Jones is also in talks to join the sequel, but there is no word what character she’ll play. Since Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy have already been filled, whoever she ends up playing probably won’t be all that big of a role in the larger scheme of things.

Spiderman Comic Book Cover with The Rhino

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  • Beefeo49

    awesome news… I have been waiting for this.

  • Juggernaut

    Rhino is a great character and Gaiamtti is a teriffic actor but I’m not sure how Giamatti is going to do as Rhino. Besides the physical differences they’d also need to do some drastic revamping of the character’s origin. Going from having a high school kid fighting an old colleague of his estranged father who just so happens to be his main squeeze’s professor who just so happens to have turned into a reptilian terror is one thing but having Peter going up against an energy based villain and pumped up soviet spy is quite the stretch. Add to that MJ, Harry Osborn and possibly Felicia Hardy (aka Black Cat) to the mix and that is one crowded sequel.

  • Dedpool

    I’m thinking the new last will be playing Betty Brant, as I can see the Daily Bugle showing up this time around. I love Giamatti, but I just don’t see him as the Rhino, his voice alone would sound weird coming from a hulking creature like that, but I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

    • Lexavi80

      I used to think that about Michael Chiklis when it was announce he was playing The Thing. I mean, he have a soft voice. But when he became The Thing everything changed.

      And I dunno you guys but, of all the mess Fantastic 4 was, I found The Thing to be the best of it.

      Hopefully this also happens with Giamatti. I actually like the guy. I think he can pull it off with the right direction and good special effects.

      • Dedpool

        Thing and Torch were definitely the best in the FF flicks. And I always knew Chicklis would rock the part, soft voice, maybe but it’s gravely enough, and he can definitely play tough! Giamatti can do tough, but his voice is so nasally I can’t see that coming from the Rhino. But who knows how this will go.

        My dream FF cast is Patrick Wilson as Mr. Fantastic, Amanda Seyfried as Invisible Woman, Liam Hemsworth as Johnny Storm, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thing, and Tom Hardy as Doom.

        • Juggernaut

          I would have loved to have seen Oleg Taktarov as Rhino!
          As for the Fantastic Four cast;
          Guy Pearce as Mr. Fantastic, Naomi Watts as Invisible Woman, Ryan Kwanten as Human Torch
          and I’m with you on Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thing! Mads Mikkelson as Doom!

          • Dedpool

            DUDE!! I had Mads as Doom, but then I saw “Rises” and was like imagine what he could do as Doom, also, Mads isn’t exactly pretty, and the scarring sets Doom off to a point so i wanted a pretty boy. Pierce would be decent as Reed, but was trying to cast slightly younger. Watts would work but agian was going younger. Kwanten would work for Torch though. and Taktarov would’ve rocked as Rhino!

          • Juggernaut

            I think that the FF cast needs to be a bit older. Just my opinion. As for Doom, I see what you’re saying about the vanity aspect but was looking more at Mikkelson’s aptitude to be evil.

          • Dedpool

            Well that’s why I went for late 20’s-early 30’s with most. And I like Mads in the role too, but think they would both work, but Hardy as Bane is a good basis for him as Doom, just add kb the superiority complex, and the regality and hyper-intelligence, and boom instant Doom.

  • Guest

    How about just make a new villian? Like at the top of my head… PigVomit. His power? He looks like a pig and makes you want to vomit.

    Anyway, I would love to see him as Rhino. Let’s see if he can really pull this off.

  • LionHeart

    Oh good, taking the “more is better” approach.
    Spidey films have a great track record with that.

  • X_p

    the first one was so inspired by twilight its really hard to watch a second time. go ahead. i dare you to try and watch it without fast forwarding to the spiderman scenes. Jamie Foxx is really overrated and paul giamatti? maybe as an old doc ock but as rhino? this movie is gonna be stupid.

  • East

    I smell a build up to Sinister Six movie

    • Juggernaut

      That would be epic! I can’t see them using characters that have already been done in the Raimi trilogy except Green Goblin so Doc Ock, Sandman Venom and Hobgoblin are out. One thing is for sure, Spidey has no shortage on villains! I could see Lizard, Rhino and Electro Joining Geen Goblin in a third or fourth film to help rou nd out the Sinister Six. Possibly having Hydro-Man, Scorpion or Shocker as hired muscle with Oscorp supplying enhanced gadgetry and equipment.
      Although I would rather see GG show up in a future installment with a totally new crop of enemies to back him up.