The Amazing Spider-Man Opens to $35 Million

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Imax PosterI gotta admit, although our very own Brent only gave the film a so-so review, I thought Marc Webb’s rebooted “The Amazing Spider-Man” was a lot better than expected. Not great, mind you, but a hell of a lot better than I was expecting going in. Of course, that could very well be the result of my oh-so-low expectations of the movie. That, I suspect, will be the main issue with “The Amazing Spider-Man” — expectations. I expected so little, that what I actually got bordered on possibly amazing. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

After opening to huge numbers overseas ($50 million and counting, with records in India and South Korea), Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” did equally great numbers Stateside, opening to $35 million in America and Canada on Tuesday alone. That, we’re told, is a record for Tuesday openings. The film racked up $4 million from IMAX screenings alone.

“Spider-Man’s” one-day opening bested the first “Transformers” movie, which opened on Tuesday back in 2007 with $27.8 million, on its way to doing $146 million in six days of release, counting a July 4th holiday. Despite the impressive opening, though, Sony is lowballing the film’s total week-long take at around $110 million to $120 million, though most sites are expecting it to bring in much more than that.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is saddled with an estimated $215 million dollar budget, and with advertising costs and celebrity junkets and the like, you’re probably looking at a $300-$350 million total budget. (Numbers, as always, vary depending on who you ask.) Unless Spidey loses his mojo real quick after this week (and with “The Dark Knight Rises” looming later this month), expectations are reasonably good that he’ll fully launch that trilogy Sony recently announced.

What did you think of “The Amazing Spider-Man”? Did it meet your expectations?

Via : AP