The Amazing Spider-Man Opens to $35 Million


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Imax PosterI gotta admit, although our very own Brent only gave the film a so-so review, I thought Marc Webb’s rebooted “The Amazing Spider-Man” was a lot better than expected. Not great, mind you, but a hell of a lot better than I was expecting going in. Of course, that could very well be the result of my oh-so-low expectations of the movie. That, I suspect, will be the main issue with “The Amazing Spider-Man” — expectations. I expected so little, that what I actually got bordered on possibly amazing. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

After opening to huge numbers overseas ($50 million and counting, with records in India and South Korea), Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” did equally great numbers Stateside, opening to $35 million in America and Canada on Tuesday alone. That, we’re told, is a record for Tuesday openings. The film racked up $4 million from IMAX screenings alone.

“Spider-Man’s” one-day opening bested the first “Transformers” movie, which opened on Tuesday back in 2007 with $27.8 million, on its way to doing $146 million in six days of release, counting a July 4th holiday. Despite the impressive opening, though, Sony is lowballing the film’s total week-long take at around $110 million to $120 million, though most sites are expecting it to bring in much more than that.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is saddled with an estimated $215 million dollar budget, and with advertising costs and celebrity junkets and the like, you’re probably looking at a $300-$350 million total budget. (Numbers, as always, vary depending on who you ask.) Unless Spidey loses his mojo real quick after this week (and with “The Dark Knight Rises” looming later this month), expectations are reasonably good that he’ll fully launch that trilogy Sony recently announced.

What did you think of “The Amazing Spider-Man”? Did it meet your expectations?

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  • DrSftpork

    (some spoilers)

    In my opinion, It blew the other 3 out of the water (yes all 3, not number 3). I thought the phenomenal acting overshadowed the campy villain and plot. I leaned over about a third of the way through the movie, and commented that I would like the movie even if he never ended up with powers. The movie’s biggest weakness to me was its ultimate climax; while I realize the Lizard’s “plot” is consistent with the comics, everything else in the movie was handled with such cleverness that the ultimate showdown did disappoint; that being said, it did not disappoint so much that it overshadowed what was right with that movie. There was a lot they got right, too:

    Garfield has become the definitive Peter Parker. The Parker that Garfield portrays is shy, smart, morally upright, but unafraid to pipe up when he feels comfortable, or that he is obliged to do so. He’s also a New Yorker, through and through. The quips were great, and in every possible aspect, Garfield accurately portrayed that the true source of Parker’s powers are his self-confidence; in both his personal life and as his alter-ego, he is most powerful when he is self-assured (that’s what all those quips are about, btw, psyching himself into believing he is more powerful than whatever insane incarnation of power he is currently fighting).

    I will put this out for you, too- if you watch any of the major fight scenes from the original trilogy, (when Spider-Man actually has his mask on, that is) do you believe that’s really Peter Parker fighting the Goblin, or Ock, or Sandman, or whoever? I don’t. In contrast, I certainly believe that Andrew Garfield’s Parker is just wearing the costume to avoid being identified.

    Emma Stone was great, too. Everything about her performance was completely honest; she acted so well that she did not appear to be acting at all. I like her as Gwen Stacy, and I like Gwen Stacy with Peter Parker. Watching the two together on screen, and knowing her ultimate fate, really makes me wish that they were able to end up together. Gwen Stacy, as portrayed by Emma Stone, makes Mary Jane seem like her eventual replacement, rather than Peter’s ultimate love interest, and I think that really says a lot.

    Rhys Ifans made a great turn as a mentor turned villain, though I believe through no fault of his own, he was the weak point of the movie. Well, more correctly, his CGI counterpart was the weak point of the movie. I’m of the clan that would have preferred a snout on the lizard, though that really has no bearing on the overall film; to me it is just a case in point that the character was a bit misinterpreted and underutilized. A couple of thoughts: what if they had used the Lizard like the Wolfman? What if they had used his nature as the enemy, rather than a thin plot to create a race of lizard people (which I realize was the basis of several plots in the comics)? I really wish they would have saved Ifans for Alistair Smythe.

    I am terribly curious who they will choose to portray Norman Osborn, and whether or not he will be the main villain in the sequel. Given the subplot of Norman’s terminal Illness, I believe it is likely that they will continue in the vein of geneticists; for this reason, I believe Morbius is likely the next contender, followed by the Goblin in the 3rd film (though I do not know which studio owns him at this point, I understand he may have been tied to the Blade franchise). I am dreading Gwen’s fate, and I sincerely hope to see Garfield’s Parker onscreen with RDJ’s Tony Stark (again, I realize the cross-studio complications that would potentially prevent this, but remember that the Oscorp Tower was supposed to appear in “The Avengers”).

    All in all, I cared about the characters, I was pleased with the visuals, and I am excited to see what happens next. All of these things mean the movie was a resounding success.

    • Dedpool

      THANK YOU!!! I’ve always said the quips were as much to keep him from losing his own mind during these insane situations, as much as they are to throw his enemies off their A game. I’m glad that it all comes acroos very well. I can’t wait.