The Amazing Spider-Man SPOILERS, Toys, and Tidbits

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

Want some “The Amazing Spider-Man” tidbits? Well tough, cause you’re gonna get it. I’ve been scouring the Interwebs for the last two hours for some movie news to post for ya, and this is absolutely the only worthwhile thing to post, and it’s only “worthwhile” in the sense that there is nothing else to post. Sigh. So here it is, the only post-able news until 2012. Enjoy.


The boys at Idle Hands have landed pictures of some toy merchandise from Sony’s upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” (opening July 3, 2012) that shows you more images of Rhys Ifan’s Lizard character. Head over there for the whole shebang.

And oh look, Curt Connors is apparently NOT the only Lizard running around in the movie. Is that a … SWAT LIZARD? A SWAT cop that has been turned into another Lizard? It would appear so. Apparently the context of this is that, in the film’s climatic battle scene, the Lizard turns a whole group of SWAT commandos into Lizards as well.

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

And oh, more Spidey toys!

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

The Amazing Spider-Man Toy

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  • Dedpool

    LMAO!!! SWAT lizard? Really?

  • X_p

    cant be worse than 3′s Venom? or can it?

  • LionHeart

    Wouldn’t an already-trained SWAT officer in lizard form be more menacing then a scientist in lizard form?