The Arrested Development Film Incremental Update

arrested-developmentI think that the trick in adapting a TV show to the big screen is treating it like a movie while retaining the elements that made the TV show great. I’m ambivalent on Serenity, for instance, because it attempted to pattern itself off of Firefly but left behind much of its bounty hunter roots. Fans of Arrested Development have tried to contemplate what a film version would look like. While some fans would say that there is nothing in each short episode that would lend itself to the pacing and structure and rhythm that most movies abide by, others would say that an entire season of Arrested Development can be watched without much of the episodic aftertaste endemic of most TV.

Either way, The Hollywood Reporter reports that series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and co-executive producer James Vallely are prepping a script for potential production in the spring.  As the article suggests, it would be difficult to get the Bluth clan together once more since many of the actors have invested in burgeoning film careers of their own since the inception of the TV series, but Hurwitz has said that a feature length version won’t work unless all of the actors are present, so something must have been worked out. This has been hinted at in the past several months, but it’s still nice to see quantitative progress being made.